MANINGI mines aim to be the leading mining operation in Africa and abroad. The startup has
already 6 mining opportunities located in Africa and abroad. The mining will entail the following: Gold, copper, diamond, manganese, coal, and anthracite. MANINGI means plenty in Shona language, South Africa. The name is meant to elicit the feeling of plentiful in our mines that are able to sustain investors’ interest as well as help the community.

Our company is rooted in the strong belief of uplifting the livelihoods of people.

The slogan for MANINGI mines is ‘Creating wealth one token at a time’.

The locations will be prime locations that have high deposits potential.

Some of the leading producers of precious in the world are Russia, South Africa, China, countries in South America and parts of Europe.

Since the discovery of minerals and precious metals in the 1800s, the country has continued to benefit and grow economically contributing about 20% of the country’s GDP. The country’s reserves are estimated to be worth $2.5 trillion.

Product / Tokens

MANINGI mines is targeting 6 mining opportunities located in Africa and abroad. All the mines will have different names but MANINGI will be the main one: One porthole for all.

MANINGI mines has created 6 physical coins that investors will hold: Gold, Copper, Manganese, anthracite, coal and diamond.


Globally, the precious metals industry is one of the most lucrative. Gold industry…


The diamond market, though smaller than gold is more diversified since…


Copper mining is more widespread than the other two main precious…


Manganese is the main alloying material used in the steel making process…

Coal / Anthracite

Coal is currently the top consumed product in industrial processes…

One of the main uses cases for the blockchain that has gained a compelling use case is fundraising through a method called Initial coin offering (ICO).

The company needs to raise funds to kickstart the process of harnessing opportunities from the mines. We are offering 6 coin tokens (gold, diamond, copper, manganese, anthracite, and coal). These are the 6 commodities we will be mining.

ICO process involves the selling of digital tokens. The tokens represent ownership status and the company is able to get the funds needed in order to proceed with the project.Unlike many of the existing ICO projects, MANINGI ICO is based on real-world asset and is therefore fully-backed by appreciating asset. The ICO participants will be able to enjoy ownership of various precious metals around the world.

Job creation: starting these mines will lead to job creation at various levels of the company. Globally, the precious metals industry is one of the biggest employers. In most of the developing countries, precious metals mining are one of the key employment providers both in the formal and informal sectors. For example in Ghana, 1% of the jobs come from the mining sector with smaller-scale mining contributing up to 500,000 jobs every year. MANINGI mines is highly motivated to provide quality jobs in the areas of operations. Furthermore, some of the areas the mines are located are disadvantaged areas and therefore the much-needed jobs will help improve livelihood.

Build orphanages: The Company will build orphanages in every location of the mines. The aim is to assist children in that community. Some of the most vulnerable members of the society are left exposed without shelter, food or healthcare in many developing nations. MANINGI mines will build orphanages in order to provide the much-needed services and help grow communities.

The value of MANINGI tokens will be based on real-world precious metals such as Gold and diamonds. During the crowd sale, investors have an opportunity to buy MANINGI tokens.

The following are the ICO details:
Ticker: MANGI
Platform: ETHEREUM
Accepted currencies: USD, ZAR
Start date: 15 SEPTEMBER 2019
End date: 31 DECEMBER 2019

80%- crowd sale
Team and advisors: 20%

The precious metals industry is capital intensive and funds will be mainly used for covering the cost of mining. There are also other costs related to mine sales, dealers, cutting units and wholesales& retail process.

Exploration and mining: 60%
Marketing and sales: 30%
Operations: 10%

High Economic Impact

In addition, precious metals contribute significantly to the economies of many developing nations. For example, in Papua New Guinea 15% of GDP is contributed by gold mining while in Ghana it is 8%, Tanzania 6%. In Tanzania specifically, gold contributed 36% of all exports in the country making it an important pillar of the economy according to PwC.

The industry is in dire need of new business and economic models that will continue to sustain the sector. The major focus is on new exploration business models that will help ion new discoveries. Some of the methods being proposed to entail advanced analytics, geological models and a wide range of data searching tools.

Our Tokens

Maningi Mines has created digital tokens to represent the commodities to be mined.

Sale Ends

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Please note that the minimum investment amount is R100



Since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009, the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Bitcoin introduced to the world a new financial and payment system that is not dependent on centralized third parties in creation and distribution. Since then thousands of new cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the market that leverage the underlying technology called the blockchain.

The blockchain is a revolutionary step in managing and storing any types of information. The blockchain is a database that stores information sequentially in blocks such that it is tamper-proof since no one party can change it.

The blockchain, therefore, becomes a truth machine that enables the building of new industries allowing for the participation of people around the world without restrictions of geographical boundaries.

Issuance and verification

The current precious metals industry has grappled with a problem of verifying identity and ownership of precious metals such as diamonds. Through the use of blockchain, it is possible to establish provenance, authenticity, and traceability through the whole value chain process. This will lead to more cost-saving and ensuring true authenticity of diamonds when customers buy. This is possible through smart contracts. Smart contracts are able to reduce the need for third-party verification agents which increase costs and bring inefficiency.

Smart contracts help in automation of verification process making it transparent and cheaper.

Smart contracts will also be used for self-auditing of ownership status without the need for human intervention.

No downtime

The blockchain works throughout the year meaning there is no probability of downtime. Investors can monitor their investments at any time they want without having to call anyone or go to any facility. This gives customers more flexibility in terms of how to manage their wealth.

Digital Ownership

Through the blockchain, it is possible to create digital tokens that represent physical coins and are tradable in secondary markets. MANININGI monies will create different physical coins for Gold, Diamond, Anthracite, Copper, manganese, and Gold. These coins will have a digital copy that is attached to the investor. This makes it easy to track and even exchange hence creating more liquidity.


Adoption of blockchain enhances the level of security for assets. Since the data is tamper-proof, one individual cannot be able to access the data and change it. This gives reassurance to investors that their assets are safe.